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Midwest Drive: Densil Porteous of Pride Fund

Think the Midwest is still just flyover country? Midwest Drive is about proving you wrong. According to a recent feature in Entrepreneur, the Midwest mindset is all about hard work, sweat equity, efficiency, and—above all—smart, deliberate growth.

Filmmaker Spencer Elliott-Hair (director of Fly Black Boy) took a drive around SXSW with five 2023 Midwest House partners to learn more about how the Midwestern mindset has helped shape their lives, career, and impact.

Midwest Drive was shot, directed, and edited by Handcar (http://handcar.co)

Series strategy developed by the team at Lydia Writes Good (https://www.lydiawritesgood.com/)

About Midwest House: Midwest House is a platform used to elevate the Midwest as a powerhouse of cool, creative, and innovative resources to a global audience at SXSW.

About Handcar: Handcar is a band of nimble strategists, thinkers, content creators, designers and dreamers living and working in beautiful Detroit, USA.

About Lydia Writes Good: Lydia Writes Good is a words-first brand storytelling studio based in Grand Rapids, Michigan serving clients around the world.

About Spencer Elliott-Hair: Filmmaker Spencer Elliott-Hair came up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, before moving to Los Angeles 4 years ago to complete the award-winning short film Fly, Black Boy.

This is our CEO Densil’s Midwest Drive.

Densil has over 20 years engaging in nonprofit work as a volunteer and leader, at local and national levels, primarily working with organizations focused on issues of equity and access. Porteous’ nonprofit service work has been with groups like Advocates for Youth (Board Secretary), Human Rights Campaign (Board of Directors; former national Board of Governors), Equitas Health (Board Vice Chair), the Legacy Fund of the Columbus Foundation, and Create Columbus Commission (Chair). And today, his latest work is as CEO of Pride Fund.

Special thanks to Rivian for the use of an R1T for this series. To learn more about the brand please visit rivian.com.