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What is the minimum investment into the Pride Fund?
$100k is the minimum for all accredited* investors.

What is the size of the Pride Fund?
The Pride Fund will be a $10 million fund.

Are there any particular investments that people lean towards if they know nothing about investing In alternative investments?
Every investor is different and we are happy to walk you through your goals and expectations.

Does Pride Fund work with only individuals?
We work with accredited investors, wealth management firms and their clients, as well as speaking with various banks and private equity groups as they want exposure to the alternative investment space.

Is there an opportunity for me to speak with somebody from Pride Fund if I have follow-up questions after reviewing the informational decks?
Absolutely. Making an informed decision is something we value for you as a potential investor. The diversity of our investment opportunities lend themselves to multiple options for everyone to consider depending on their needs and goals. Contact Timothy Wolf Starr with any questions.

Once I have invested in a given investment vehicle with Pride Fund, what happens to my money then?
In nearly every instance, incoming capital is immediately deployed into whatever aspect of the fund it is needed to promote development, growth and ultimately profitability for the fund. It is through this mechanism that the fund can increase in value for future profitability

Can I pick which companies I invest in?
Currently, our funds are established and the companies go through a thorough diligence process and ultimately decided by the general partners in the fund. Therefore investment in a given fund will support that fund in its entirety.

When moving forward on an investment – do I write a check, or what are my options for investing my money?
Typically investors will wire the money to us from a checking or savings account. Some investors can participate using their IRA funds, and please contact Timothy Wolf Starr to learn more. We will provide the necessary information.

Is the Pride Fund and Pride Fund I the same entity?
Our organization is registered as Pride Fund I and we do business as the Pride Fund/Pride Fund VC. We are not affiliated in any way with the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence.

*Accredited U.S. Investor: If, after reviewing our fund materials, you decide to pursue an investment in one of our funds, you will receive a request for accreditation verification.  The accreditation verification process will be focused on either your annual income or net worth (for individuals). As an individual, you can qualify as an accredited investor by either (a) having more than $200,000 in annual income for each of the past two years (or $300,000 with your spouse) and a reasonable expectation of earning the same this year or (b) having a net worth of at least $1 million (not including your principal residence).