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Words of Pride: There’s Nothing Like Community!

Well, Seattle, Washington is known for a number of things…like being home to Starbucks, a vibrant grunge music scene, the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, headquarters to a number of tech companies including Amazon and Microsoft. On the Words of Pride tour we had the chance to visit Seattle…and we we must say there’s nothing like this community from the Pacific Northwest.

From daytime to Dolly-time everyone was ready to lend a helping hand–even as Densil tried to step out on the Space Needle’s rotating glass floor!

Production Team
Host: Densil Porteous
Director & Director of Photography: Krystopher Scott
Executive Producers: T. Wolf Starr & Densil Porteous

Seattle Guests
(Hosts) Derik Kleinhesselink — Drag Entertainer Dolly Madison
Katie Carter — CEO, Pride Foundation
Karen Olsen – Chief Operating Officer, Seattle Space Needle
Nathan & Michael Farrar — Co-Owners, The Lumber Yard

Production note: Not too long after our 2021 visit to The Lumber Yard there was a fire in the space and our video was the last documented footage of the space prior to the fire.