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Words of Pride: It’s About Collaboration

Last month we had the great pleasure of hosting the Pride Fund Drag Brunch at SXSW in Austin, TX–I mean why not…we’re PROUD! At our big fabulous drag brunch we had the premier of the Austin episode of Words of Pride. The timing of the premier and the location in Austin seemed to right as as of the March premier the country had already seen over 350 anti-LGBTQ+ pieces of legislation proposed.

Our trips to Austin for Words of Pride, SXSW, and everything in between have been truly amazing moments that continually demonstrate what intentional, thoughtful, and positive collaborative moments can look like.

And these trips remind me that Austin, like people, isn’t weird…it’s just different…and like we are each different…it’s ok!

Oh, I got my nails done for the first time in Austin–thank you to the great team at Cute Nail Studio for hosting us! And a truly special thanks to the team at Inn Cahoots who that made our stay in Austin feel like home!

Filmed on location in Austin, TX 2020

Production Team
Host: Densil Porteous
Director & Director of Photography: Krystopher Scott
Executive Producers: T. Wolf Starr & Densil Porteous

Austin Guests
(Tour guide) Alicia Weigel — Change Agent

Katherine Gonzales — OutYouth

Rachel — Pride Socks

Jason Mikell — (formerly of KVUE) Meteorologist

Not featured — Kind Clinic (Texas)