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Black Owned Business Spotlight: Tanisha Robinson’s W*nder-filled New Venture

Born into a large Mormon family in a small town in Missouri, Tanisha Robinson never felt as though she belonged. She described herself as a misfit in her church and in her hometown, which was mostly white and religious.

Robinson later went on to join the army as an Arabic linguist. Afterward, she went to Ohio State University where she was met with the opportunity to participate in a fellowship that would send her to Damascus, Syria to advocate for women and human rights. 

It was then when Robinson had to face her quarter-life crisis, unsure of what to do with her life.

“I reflected on here in the United States, that we have a lot of issues yet to be resolved,” Robinson said. “And a lot of injustices for black people and for women to this day. And so, from the time when I was really young, I really wanted to have an impact and I always believed I could change the world and make a difference.”

“In that role, I arrived at the conclusion that cannabis beverages are going to be bigger than craft beer in a more compressed time frame, or beer, really,” Robinson said. “The founders [of Brewdog] totally agreed, but that’s not something you can do in an alcohol company, so I left Brew Dog in the summer of 2019.”

She then went on to create W*nder, a low-calorie CBD beverage, using the investment capital she put into Brewdog. Their products hit shelves in February 2020.

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